According to Waste Atlas data, humans produce more than 1.9 billion tons of waste per year, of which 70% will remain polluting the air, the soil in all kinds of ecosystems, as well as the seas and beaches around the world.

Through the Sandos Foundation, Sandos Hotels and Resorts aims to make a difference, not only for guests but for the whole world.



Traveling with a Purpose

There is no planet B, and the time to make a difference is now, if not for us, then for future generations and every living being on this earth! Not only are our natural environments being negatively impacted more and more every day, but the homes of thousands of species are being affected as well, it’s time for a change.

Traveling can be fun, relaxing, and rewarding with Sandos. By donating to the Sandos Foundation and traveling with a purpose, you will be helping us make a step towards a healthier world as your contribution will be allocated towards efforts that positively impact both the environment and its inhabitants. If we don’t make a difference together, who will?

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Some of Our Programs

Early Care

In Sandos and Marconfort, our goal is to make each and every one of our guests happy, and if there is one thing that really moves us, it is the sight of a child’s smile because they are enjoying their holidays with their family!

The Last Witnesses

If you think about it, the point of going on vacation to another country, is to learn something about the place you are visiting, and let´s face it: Mexico has some of the most emblematic cultures of all times?

Beach Cleaning

We work on behalf of the beaches and it is time to give them back a little bit of what they have given us, so we take action to clean them up together with collaborators and community members.

Join us in Making A Difference

Sandos Hotels and Resorts understand just how important making a difference is, and that is why for every peso you donate to the Sandos Foundation, Sandos Hotels and Resorts will match it!


What is the Sandos Foundation?

The Sandos Foundation is a family made up of workers, locals, and guests from around the world, all with the same goal; to make a difference in every way possible. The Sandos Foundation A.C. was founded in 2016 by Sandos Hotels & Resorts in order to give back to the community and the environment through actions that minimize their ecological footprint and proactively impact social benefit.