The Sandos Foundation was established as the connecting axis between Sandos Hotels & Resorts and society in general! It was created to correspond to the community and the environment through actions that reduce the ecological footprint and proactively affect social benefit


The Sandos Foundation was born in 2016 as a civil association that first helps its sandistas (collaborators) and then grows to seek the improvement of the planet and the communities of the region. Sandos Hotels & Resort is a hotel chain that was born in Spain and later arrived in Mexico. It is a company that, since the beginning, had planned to be a differentiator in the hotel industry, not only for the service and the product they manage, but for its commitment to the environment, the community, and its surroundings.

This is how the directors of each hotel begin to create strategies that take care of the environment and change industry practices to safeguard the planet. Work models were also created so that the Sandistas (collaborators) had opportunities to grow inside or outside the company. So, links were made with suppliers, associations, and other dependencies to seek support for the Sandos team and family.


As of 2019, the Sandos Foundation officially became a Civil Association that stands for helping the community, the environment, and it’s family. The Sandos Foundation is also very committed to educating on environmental and health issues to take care of the integrity of its community and seek change in the world.

“The Last Witnesses” tour is among the most recent projects of the Sandos Foundation. A tour that is promoted by Seek and Go, the Sandos hotels, and the Xyaat cooperative and takes place in the community of Señor en Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

By taking part in this tour, not only will you will be supporting a great cause, but you will be benefiting towards the promotion and recognization of the Mayan Culture! You will also be positively impacting aid programs and schools run by the Sandos Foundation.

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