6 Ways to help while traveling

Traveling is a wonderful experience in and of itself, some of us are lucky enough to experience it, and unfortunately, some are not. Those of us who are privileged with being able to enjoy these getaways should also be motivated to try to be better and help other people! 
That is why at Sandos, we commit ourselves daily to help a much as possible, in the environment and the community.

Do you want to be part of helping the environment or those around you? See what you can do on your next vacation:


If you were thinking of visiting the Riviera Maya and want to know the Mayan culture firsthand, the ¨Last Witnesses¨ tour is unquestionably what you are looking for. Enjoy the beautiful Mexican landscape on the way to Muyil, a very important archeological zone known to very few, here you will have entered the Mayan world.  Soon get ready to meet older Mayans and learn how they stay so joyful in spite of everything. 

Plant plants of the region and above all, TRIALS. Besides being a historical, cultural, delicious, fun, and relaxed tour, each dollar will be donated to the Mayan community. Sandos Foundation and Sandos Hotels do not take anything from the proceeds of this excursion.


Once a week you will notice that there is something different going on in each one of our resorts, and that’s how you know it is Foundation Day, a day to help and travel with a cause by joining the team that changes our community and the world.

If you are admiring the view at Plaza Finisterra, and someone from our team asks you if you want to enter the raffle for the Sandos Foundation, don’t hesitate, for only 5 dollars, you can earn a tour, a massage or even a stay at a Sandos hotel in Mexico, and you are contributing to a great cause.


Do you happen to have a beach outfit already? Well why not compliment it with an absolutely gorgeous sarong 

Do you already have your beach outfit? Complement your outfit with a handcrafted sarong made by local artisans. It costs 250 pesos, and you can purchase it right as you check-in! 
Have the satisfaction of having helped many local people while at the same time being one of the most stylish people on the beach! 


Pack for a Purpose is a global association dedicated to encouraging donations from travelers to the community they visit, and it is heavily promoted at Sandos Hotels! 
On your next vacation, take a step towards helping the children of the Riviera Maya and Los Cabos by donating toys, school supplies, clothing, or other essential items.  We make several brigades a year to deliver them, and of course if during your stay there is one, you are more than invited.
You can visit the pack for a purpose or Sandos Foundation page to know more about what exactly you can bring.


We know that you are on vacation, and let’s face it, you want to relax, but we are calling you to action to help clean our beaches! Spend a Saturday with us for an hour and help us pick up what some travelers and other parts of the world leave behind! 
A painful reality is that our planet has been very affected by plastic and other waste. Helping us in these brigades will make you a hero and help so many other people, including yourselves, enjoy our gorgeous beaches. To join, talk with concierge, and they will provide you with all of the information!


Very close to us we have more than 200 dogs, and cats in the SOS el Arca hostel (Animal Shelter). Donations are incredibly vital to sustaining the lives of these animals! That is why if you are traveling to Sandos, or even if you are already here, we encourage you to be part of the change! Go to reception and talk about how you can help by either donating 100 pesos towards the purchase of animal biscuits or by purchasing a bag yourself!
Sandos Hotels will also double ALL donations that are made by guests and collaborators of Sandos Hotels and Resorts, and all of the proceeds will go towards the animals. If you have or have had a pet at home, you know how incredible they are, these animals deserve a chance to live a full and healthy life! You can be the difference for them!

Do not forget, if you already have the joy of traveling, help us take care of the environment AND add a smile to those who need it most! 

Learn more about how you can make a difference by being part of The Sandos Foundation. 

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